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the all-in-one workout

KONGA® by The Jungle Body® is an  addictive , easy-to-follow, high intensity fusion of Boxing, Cardio, Danceand Sculpting set to the hottest Hip Hop, Pop, Dancehall& RnB beats.


“The newest fitness craze  taking over the world” 
– The Daily Mail


“The latest cult workout sweeping the US and Europe" – Body & Soul


what can i expect?

an epic fat-burning, endorphin boosting 50 min workout

KONGA® will shape, sculpt and redefine your physiquewhile injecting your mind and body with a totalendorphin overload. Expect to burn calories to the beat while you squat, twerk, burpee and box it out. 


KONGA® will leave you dripping in sweat and begging for more while it challenges your body in tracks like  Hip Hop Boxing, Cardio, Squats & Dancehall . The music is hot, the moves are intense, the vibe is fierce and the results will blow you away. So turn it up, sweat it out & go for it! 

All you need is a sweat towel, water & a yoga mat! oh...and a bit of attitude!

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All Videos

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“Definately doesn't feel like I'm exercising ...more like having a great night out minus the hangover.“


“I thought after having a baby, my body would never be back as it was, but since I started  Konga, my body shape has changed and I feel like a new me!“


"When i'm out I start breaking out into Jungle Body dance steps, thats how contagious it is."


but im uncoordinated?

Don't worry...most of us are

What makes KONGA® different to other workouts is it is super easy to follow while still very intense! The Jungle Body® Formula ensures that any age, shape, fitness level and body type can do this amazing cardio workout!  

"I am not a coordinated person by any stretch and all other aerobics classes had way too much choreography for my somewhat comically limited dancing abilities."- Lesley Morrison, U.K

the artists

We believe good music is everything! So we selected the best artists like Timomatic to deliver you the hottest music while you get sweaty!
Get this song
Get this song
Get this song
Get this song is the playlist
  1. WARM UP - So Close – Ryan Rafferty

  2. HIP HOP BOXING -  Stamina - Timomatic

  3. HIP HOP - Slow Mo – Raggadat Chris

  4. PLYO - Keep It With Ya – DJ Vana

  5. POP - Bodyfriend – Lisa Viola

  6. SQUATS - Point Guard –Gabe Roland

  7. BOXING - Earthquake – Young Rook

  8. DANCEHALL - TGIF – DJ Activityz

  9. FUN - Booty Scoot – Louie Valentino

  10. ARMS - Going Down - Shera

  11. CARDIO - Wait All Night – Fit Beat Music

  12. FLOOR - No Filter Ft. Lisa Viola – Gabe Roland

  13. COOL DOWN - Swave - Timomatic

Raggadat Cris

Raggadat Cris

Ryan Rafferty

Ryan Rafferty



Lisa Viola

Lisa Viola

Gabe Roland

Gabe Roland

Sole Basaldua

Sole Basaldua

Louie Valentino

Louie Valentino

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